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All things wooden…

January 9, 2007

Hi my name is Cary and I am a woodworking hobbyist from the Seattle area. I have my own wood shop at my home and have made lots of furniture for myself and different people. I have decided to take on some side work (I have a day job:) to earn a little extra cash.
If you have a piece of furniture that you have been looking for and just can’t find or if you have always wanted a Bubinga Coffee table with Zebra wood legs or anything else out of the ordinary, I might just be able to help.
I will probably be cheaper than going to NW Fine Woodworking center (although in all honestly I am probably not quite as good as some of those guys:) but certainly more expensive than particle board furniture from Fred Meyer.

I have posted some work that I have done in the past. Almost all items are my unique designs.
If you are interested in talking with me about creating a custom item for you, I can be reached at
Below you will see a few examples of work that I have created in the past and what I am capable of doing.

I am having issues with my page fitting correctly. If the pictures are cut off, just click on them to see the entire photo.

This is an Ash cabinet that I created for my wife. It is made from solid Ash, there is no plywood or particle board. The top is granite. The entire face is curved including the door.

Ash Cabinet


This is a corner desk and printer cabinet. Both are made from Quilted Maple with Bloodwood accents.

Printer table before I put the handles on.

Box I made for a perpetual trophy for a local horse group. Made from Maple and Jatoba.

Coffee table that I made for our home. The top is book matched highly figured Tiger Maple (or Fiddle back as some people call it). The edges are Bloodwood. Not shown is the Cocobolo handle that was made for it.

This is a Tiger Maple shadow box that was made for a 100 year old piece of crocheting.


Shot glass rack made from Black Walnut with Maple accents.img_8478.JPG

Flag box made from Maple with Bloodwood gussets.

Wine rack with under top slots for wine glasses. Made from Maple and Bloodwood. YES I LOVE BLOODWOOD:)



Built in lighted art shelves, mantle and tile work. All wood is Maple. Quilted Maple Mantle has Ebony plugs in face.



Brazilian Cherry Side Table